10th of January 2017 - Berlin - Press release for immediate distribution


Hey there!


We are Studio49, a fresh Berlin-based games company. Founded in early 2016, Studio49 has grown into a 20-person studio that stands firmly on the fifty years of combined game experience amongst its three founders: CEO Todd English (Electronic Arts, PopCap Games), Creative Director Howard Phillips (Epic, Microsoft, Nintendo) and Art Director Ian Bowden (Rockstar, Mobius Entertainment).

After having secured our first round of investment, we've focused our efforts towards finishing our first cross platform game: Neverdale Park. With this game we aim to introduce the world to a new genre of mobile gaming that we lovingly call Casual E-Sports.

Neverdale Park will be soft-launching in the beginning of February 2017 on iOS and Android.

We look forward to seeing you in Neverdale!


- The Studio49 Team


Ylva Mesonero
Game Producer
+49 176 29533981
Daniel Mesonero
Game Producer
+49 179 1556894





On the edge of a vast forest, two curious statues flank a winding path into the unknown wilderness.

Something big drifts through the dark clouds above toward an ominous peak in the far distance, while a muted snarl and abrupt crash shake the treeline.

Unafraid, a strange jackalope twitches and fumbles across the path ahead. Observant and excited, you sniff the unfamiliar air and glance around.

You’ve reached the forest, and decide that this seems as good a place as any to set up basecamp.


the team

Located in the heart of Berlin, we're a diverse collective who love to connect, collaborate and create.

Studio49 is brought to you by: caffeine, talent, discipline, innuendo, love, ideas and ambition.